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Hi How Are You

by Vida Rose

My name is Vida Rose, I am an artist, intuitive and the creator behind @Comics_and_SelfCare. I grew up making comics and have always used them to express ideas and communicate.

@Comics_and_SelfCare is a social media experiment in teaching wellness and self care tools through humorous comic videos. You can find it here and here.

I began @Comics_and_SelfCare in April 2020. I was working as a teaching assistant in high schools and I knew that when the schools closed, the students would be on TikTok all day. It was kind of a guerrilla mental health project, with an intention to sprinkle some peace into the noise of social media.

The response was more than anything that I could have imagined. My audience grew quickly and I started receiving messages of gratitude from all over the world. I quickly realized that what I was providing was truly helping people, so I started showing up to @Comics_and_SelfCare like it was my job.

I created this website so that @Comics_and_SelfCare can have its own house outside of social media. This a place where you can go deeper in the content, learn about live events, listen to meditations and join my community.


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