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  • Karl Thunemann

Karl's Keyboard #12

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

What Can We Find in These Neglected Epistles?

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. Two weeks ago I had several ideas simmering. But they had problems, gently pointed out by my confidantes. I thought I had ideas for fixing the shortcomings, but they just wouldn’t jell.

Finally, I ran out of time. So, what would be wrong with taking a couple of weeks off? The unreconstructed journalist in me bridled at the thought. I thought of sitting down for a forced march through the unresponsive, flawed candidates I fell into a depression. But then I recalled that the blog contains several finished epistles that have never been featured. Not that there’s anything wrong with them. I love all my epistles. And this is the Keyboard I hammered together.

The dream about “Q” raises some interesting questions. Someone asked me if it might represent QAnon. I did not know anything about the conspiracy group. Now that I do, I can only say that I find it repugnant. I spent time pondering all my younger friends who are steeped in figuring out their relationships to being queer. The word has spread far beyond whatever people thought it meant three decades ago. I doubt these friends think of me as queer. Odd, maybe, or eccentric—but not queer.

My thought now is that in my dream world Q must stand for Question. In the largest sense. What really happened, and when. Q’s realm opened not just with my life, but with my forebears. What should I do now, and how Education fits in here. How else would San Francisco State figure in? It seems odd that I didn’t go to ceremonies for my mother receiving her bachelor’s or master’s from that institution. I don’t remember being invited. Or perhaps my mother eschewed the graduation ceremony. In any case, I don’t think Q—not even Q! –will ever give me a definitive response

Featured in this Keyboard

Meet Barbara Brachtl, a New Frequent Contributor

Barbara and I have been friends, colleagues and fellow taiji practitioners for more than 40 years. We have practiced taiji together for more than 20 years. Our approaches to meditation are very different. I fly by the seat of my pants. Barbara has flown across the country to teachers who have caught her eye. She kept a blog of her experiences long before I thought of looking at blogs kept by people I didn’t know. She – well, here are links to a short autobiography, AND to her first contribution to this blog.

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2. Consider becoming a contributor. I will consider posts about meditation, broadly defined. I prefer stories over instruction, but I am flexible. I like posts shorter than 1,000 words. Send your proposed text—or a query—to me at

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