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  • Karl Thunemann

Karl's Keyboard #2

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

With this Keyboard, I kick off an occasional series, introducing my Higher Powers. It might seem strange that before 2005, when I turned 61, I could identify no “higher power” governing my life. Well, of course I was wrong, but let me get back to that in a future Keyboard. Among my higher powers—both existing and future—the year 2005 belonged to Ganesha, the Hindu lord of obstacles. He had the field to himself. So, you might ask, is meditation necessarily at the heart of any discussion of higher powers? I believe it is. As I strive to work out my relationship with each new higher power, I must either discover or devise a meditation that would guide me. Once I started down this path, higher powers kept pouring down on me like ripe coconuts falling from a lofty perch. Some I explored and dropped. Others have stuck around. If humans ever get COVID 19 under control, I should have enough higher powers to field a fascinating baseball team. I will let today’s new epistle, “How I Met Ganesha,” stand for itself, though I must drop in these two asides. First, you have to think that if Ganesha were human, his love of sweets would surely make him diabetic. Should actual diabetics feel reluctant to hang out with him? I don’t think he will insist that you join him.  Second, on my baseball team, which position would Ganesha play? Oh, catcher, of course, and not simply because so many great catchers were a bit pudgy. In the realm of wit, he would rank alongside Yogi Berra, making it difficult for opposing batters to concentrate. And he would be unparalleled in his capacity to look ahead the next inning … the next game … and beyond. This week’s featured epistles: How I Met Ganesha. Our blogger learns the ropes with his first higher power. a-a-a-n affectionate attachment …a…a…a... a Invocation: Coming to terms with a fleeting—and fleeing—memory. May I Be Digressive Part 1. The Blogger confesses to his propensity for digression, mentioning a few of his favorite topics. An Elusive Virtue, Never to be Proclaimed. Ah, if only I could give up hoping for fruition.

A Big Huzzah This my Big Huzzah to the Indian blogosphere!  Please take a leisurely look! From the outset, I did expect to tout other blogs in this space, but … blogs from India? When I finished my epistle about Ganesha, I realized it would take too much space to include one of my favorite stories about the elephant-headed one. It’s about a race between Ganesha and his younger brother. Unable to find my favorite version, I hunted around in the surprising number of English-language blogs and other sites about all matters Indian. I could not find my favorite version, but I like the one at One thing about Indian religion stories is that they come in so many versions. So click on the link to see this one. Plus, I found an unusual blog in which the blogger has wandered around India and taken pictures at dozens of shrines devoted to Ganesha. Here’s the link: There are more worthy sites—check some out.  I searched for “blogs about Ganesha.” Plug in your own favorite Hindu deity and see what you find! Til next time …May your meditations be sweet, deep and enlightening. 


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