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Karl's Keyboard #26

Where Should I File these Complaints?

I Am Not a Virtual ATM

For my entire life, I have been a non-activist voter. Oh, I always voted, often passionately, but I left it to others to demonstrate or send money. 2020 changed all that. I became intensely interested in national politics. My wife and I sent hundreds of dollars in contributions. I wrote fan letters to my favorite politicians, most notably Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker.

We sent contributions to candidates in other states who seemed to have a chance—with a little help from carpetbaggers like us—to pull off upsets in their congressional and senatorial races. For the most part this was disappointing, except in the Georgia runoff elections for the U.S. Senate. Our guys won. But by that time we had grown canny. Having read some criticism of how the candidates spent their money. So we sent our contributions to an organization set up by Stacey Abrams. Maybe that was decisive.

But all that was last year. As soon as 2021 opened, we were flooded with email appeals begging us for money, asking us to sign petitions, suggesting we join this or that organization. I am not quite ready to be an around-the-clock political player. I’ve noticed that most of these beseechers make no mention of how or whether they will spend their stash. I am skeptical about online petitions; few politicians are likely to be much influenced by long lists of people they are not already identified as supporters.

And I am a little troubled by trying to influence elections in other states. Last year was difficult, given the outlandish behavior of some incumbents. So I am moved to step back in the department. Well, of course there’s always Georgia. I especially developed affection for this state and its voters whose voting rights have been consistently under attack.

So I am no longer a virtual ATM for progressive caucuses. I can feel people pulling my lever and kicking my base, asking “What’s the matter with this GD machine?”

Well, the machine is taking a breather, contemplating its options.

My Primitive Search Engine

From the beginning last July, I wished this blog could have its own search engine. The designer said it wasn’t a good idea, but I couldn’t tell whether she was REALLY telling me it was not possible. So I am trying to make this so rudimentary even I can use it: Here is a way to use your browser:

1. Copy of the address of this blog, which is:

2. Paste that address into your search engine. Pay attention! One of my browsers tends to delete the https://, and then announces that the page could not be found. So I had to retype the missing code.

3.Type your search term into your browser, say: Miss Otis. (that is the

nom de blog I have given the element of my blog—and my internal process—related to my diagnosis of “mild cognitive impairment.”

4. Hit Enter, and presto! Your browser should display multiple pages, including links to the two epistles I have posted about Miss Otis, plus a couple more of my posts, the Wikipedia entry on Miss Otis, some other Miss Otis questions one might want to ask.



Frequent Contributors

The Big Huzzah

Because I was myself caught up in questions about panic attacks, it seemed like telling synchronicity that my email brought in an article on the topic from Very Well Mind. Click on the link and you will also have access to a slew of posts about panic attacks.

Til next time …

Meditate on some spring flowers!


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