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  • Karl Thunemann

Give Us Our Daily Frog

by Mimi Simmons

In our new home near a pond, each day we see wild creatures. Often herons and mergansers. Sometimes cormorants and once a river otter. Nearly always present are crows and mallards.

From Spring through Fall we hear and see tiny green frogs. My grown daughter has always been fond of them so I now have a habit of texting her a picture of the latest sighting, captioning it Give us this day, our daily frog. Hiding in the lettuce or jasmine. Hopping madly across the grass. Tiny new frogs in the Spring. Larger ones that seem to turn brown in the Fall.

During Summer there are many dragonflies, mostly bright blue but some black and white. An occasional red. They swoop through the air and sometimes land and hold still long enough for me to marvel at their details. Warm nights we watch bats dance with acrobatic moves above the pond. We are thankful to both the dragonflies and bats for mosquito control.

Trumpeter Swans spend their winters here. From late October until March, we are lucky to live on their daily route so we see them fly directly over our house morning and evening. After living here well over a year, we still rush to the windows or outside to see them when we hear their honking. Sometimes they fly silently and close enough that we can hear their huge wings beat against the air.

Each of these sights fill me with joy. A group of flickers on the lawn. A kingfisher hovering over the pond. Some times the feeling lasts and I walk through my day, blissful. My husband calls that my Uncontrollable Happies.

During these dark times with so much to be concerned about and months of isolating, these small connections with nature sustain me. Nourish me. And it is a prayer, giving thanks for nature and daily joy.

Mimi Simmons

November 23, 2020


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