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Recalling ‘dire’ experience of youth

By Robert Anderson

I found Mary Scriver’s Keyboard take on Christianity (Keyboard #20) personally interesting

reflecting much of the viewpoint I hold on the subject -- though backed by professional expertise and historical knowledge well beyond my meager (and ordinarily disinterested) layman’s hold on the subject.

Having deserted the fold at age 15 when it became apparent that attending Christian Endeavor at Longview’s Community Church was not going to lead to any of the attending nubile maidens volunteering to negate my distressful virginal status, I have not been in studious pursuit of salvation since that moment of clarity. My actual retirement from religious practice may go back as far as age six when silent prayer did not revive my run-over dog.

To Pattsie’s concern for my immortal soul, I refuse to attend religious services of any formality unless under the most dire stress (going back a long way, I’m thinking of her devoted pleas in support of an annual Christmas pageant that actually included live sheep, burros, and an actual camel!) That said, I am not disdainful of religious practice that does not involve snake-handling or the Inquisition – and I remain curious. Thus I enjoyed reading the Scriver piece you posted.

I am still fiddling with my ever-growing—and okay, I admit, rather pointless -- Columbia River project and probably will be for another week. I wonder if it could possibly be palmed of to some U of W, U of O, WSU or OSU publication? You had mentioned newspaper serialization but the papers have become so downsized, thin and stressed that they would seem a dim potentiality to me. Right? Or no?

(Note: My SF Chronicle was not delivered – again—today. Emblematic?)

Bob (“Andy”)

Robert Anderson is a retired writer and producer and director of notable documentaries. He lives on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco.


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